Saturday Update 10/19/13

Hello….hope everyone had a good week last week and an awesome Saturday. It was a chilly start here but warmed up comfortably. Started off my day by stopping in at Metro for the wood to start the next clock. I am starting on the Bechthold Clock Which was designed back in 2007 for a good friend of Wilckens Woodworking….Wayne Bechthold. Whenever we name a clock after someone we let them cut the first one….and I never heard from him again after that (the design isn’t that bad) and the design kinda slipped between the cracks and just resurfaced here recently. I also forgot my shop key so Tam had to run it out for me. Thanks Tam….

The new clock is a pretty large clock…the floors are 12″ x 18″ and it is 40″ tall. So after digging up the patterns this week I scoped it out and it is gonna take a lot of wood so I started thinking about what I wanted to do. Well I dreamt about it all night and cut it out of the 1/4″ Hickory MDF plywood good both sides. So I checked it out and they had an incredible sheet so that is what it will be made of….dreams know best. The plus’ to using this plywood…other than it looks good….it is stable with very minimal warp, it cuts like hot butter and the MDF interior takes finish really good and darkens up just darker than the vernier so it actually makes the fretwork stand out. All the exterior edges will be covered by hardwood brackets. All this saved me quite a bit $$$ and time in preparation….I would have had to do glue ups on ALL the fronts and backs. The minus’ are that you have to be careful sawing it (run tape along your cut line to minimize splintering of the vernier) and sanding. It is so easy to sand through the vernier. I was able to prep all the primary wood pieces today and the 2 floors and get all my patterns put on….so now it will be serious sawing for a few days. I’m excited to get going on this one….really fun fretwork!

This week I was able to get my face pieces cut for the Kellar Clock and all the box pieces and 85% of the box overlay. The overlay was something I threw together from an old pattern I have…Measuring Time….and there are several small cuts and a lot of veining cuts. Typically I like this kind of cutting and do OK with it but I struggled a bit with this one. I broke my last standard #3 blade shortly into it so I went to a skip tooth that cuts a little faster and freer. I looked around and found some old #3 blades….not sure what they are but they aren’t great. All my blades are stashed over at the shop. Finished it up today at the shop and it cut great. Dang it….I forgot to grab some of those blades today….

First thing I worked on when I got to the shop today…..and I know a few of you are freaking out that have peeked at the pics first…..a couple of pistol grips for a friend. Closest thing to intarsia I’ve done. If they fit OK….all that is left is the mounting holes. It was a fun break from the norm. I also worked on a quick B’Day gift for my Granddaughter Noni. Speaking of Grandkids…Nikki, Jett and Gianna all came over to the shop this afternoon and were running around playing having fun. Wish I could bottle some of that energy. I have 5 (Logan, Nikki, Jett, Noni & Gianna) and LOVE’EM all…! Grandkids are God’s gift to us…..

Also throughout the day I worked on assembly of the book box. Standard box assembly. I did have a few ‘moments’ on this one. First off I used one matched assembly on both ends so I had to pop that back apart then on the lid assy I didn’t get a good flush fit-up on one piece so I popped that one back off also. So not every thing goes as planned the first time. Its typically best to back up and do it right. I had hoped to get the box together and ready for flocking this week but I’d rather it be right than done quickly. This is the box for the books from Les Fike Sr. the founder of the company I work for. At the end of the day it was totally assembled so I will finish sanding it next week and put the overlay and hinges on it.

This week a friend ask about glue and finish….so I thought that would be a good topic to touch on. For glue Dad and I have always used either Titebond or Elmer’s Wood Glue (what I’m using now and the big bottle Dad bought which is about gone). For special applications I use Loctite Epoxy (2 stage) and for anything that has finish on it I use Beacon 527 Multi-Purpose Adhesive. I use this for most all of my repairs as well. These are all great products so check them out if your on the fence with what you are currently using.

For finish….for years Dad and I used linseed oil either sprayed or rubbed on. For spraying it we use a ‘Critter’ sprayer. For putting a liquid finish on I recommend this sprayer. It is driven by your air compressor and is incredible. We mix this 2/3’s linseed oil and 1/3 mineral spirits. For rub on we used straight linseed oil. This gives you good wood protection but a mat finish which Dad preferred. I tend to like a glossier finish so now I use Minwax Gloss Lacquer and it is awesome! I used a polyurethane spray finish there for awhile (can’t remember the brand) and you had to be VERY careful because of runs. The Minwax Lacquer you can just get nuts with it and it will not run! I have intentionally tried and failed! It gives you a nice gloss finish and it is so much easier to dust than the linseed oil finish and there is NO sanding between coats. I put this on after final assembly. I do too much filling, sanding, blending to do each piece and then assemble it. That is the last type of finish I will touch on tonight. I know several of you that poly each piece and then assemble it after the finishing process. I don’t know enough about this method but if you are interested just let me know and I can point you in the right direction. This method looks absolutely incredible when complete but seems like a lot of work.

Well that about does it for another week….although seems I’m forgetting something. Even though there were just a few pictures this week….I feel like I had a very productive day. You should have seen that pile of sawdust I swept up! I plan on getting the face on the Kellar Clock this week and then it will be available on the website. I also am looking forward to jumping into my homework this week.

Hope everyone has a good upcoming week….I think fall is here!. Again this week please keep all of our woodworking brothers and sisters who are struggling or hurting in your prayers. I heard from a couple close friends this week that are either struggling or are having an upcoming surgery. Also be sure to check out our approved vendors….if you have questions or issues they may be able to help you out. And be sure to catch us at and on facebook. Look for our ads in S.A.W. and Creative Woodworks & Crafts. We have new things available regularly along with ALL the old stuff. If we’ve had it…we still do. Don’t forget we have more mini clock books available… sure to get your copy. Don’t be a stranger….drop us a line to say hey….we love talking to ya. Send us pictures of what you have going so we can share those….we posted some good ones this week. Have a great finish to your weekend and a good week next week….and as always…

Until Next Time, Keep the Saw Dust Flyin’…..

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